Please read these questions and answers carefully.
 We hope that we have covered all the questions you may have -
if you have additional questions please contact us.

 Are there funds available now?

There are always considerable demands made on the funds of the Trust.
Only projects that meet our criteria in full are eligible, so please ensure
that this is the case before you apply.

►  Are there any applications the Trust will not consider?

Applications that fail to meet our criteria are rejected, and the applicants informed.
In addition, applications for expeditions, activities that are not totally animal
welfare related, educational studies or other courses, the payment of salaries,
support of conferences and meetings will also not be considered.

►  Are there any time limits or closing dates for applications?

No. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

►  How long does it take for applications to be processed and responded to?

We strive to process and make decisions on applications as quickly as possible. All applications are acknowledged on receipt. Because of the volume of applications being processed, you will appreciate that it can take a considerable amount of time to review the many hundreds of applications we receive from all over the world.
We must ask for your patience and please do not contact us to ascertain when a decision will be made, since
this will only delay our efforts to process the applications as quickly as possible. We will contact you!

►  If we do not receive funding can we ask for our application to be reconsidered?

Whilst we carefully and sympathetically consider all applications that meet with our criteria, it is not possible to
either give reasons why applications are not successful, or enter into any dialogue or correspondence regarding
projects which have failed to receive funding. The decision of the Trustees is final.

►   If our application is not successful, may we re-apply at a later date?

As long as the application meets with all our criteria, re-applications can be made a minimum of 12 months
after the initial application.

►   Where do we find the forms?

You can download them on the pages from the relative drop-down menus or from the links here -
Please select the correct form :






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