PRESS RELEASE - 17 August 2012 (For Immediate Release)

 International Animal Welfare and
Protection Coalition Condemns Mauritian Dog Cruelty

The International Animal Welfare and Protection Coalition (IAWPC), representing international organisations with extensive knowledge of animal welfare and protection issues, has today expressed its deep concern and condemnation of the cruel methods employed in catching and killing both stray and owned dogs, carried out by the Mauritian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) on behalf of the Government of Mauritius.

In a Letter to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius, Doctor the Hon Navinchandra Ramgoolam, GCSK, FRCP, the IAWPC wrote:

“For a number of years, international organisations have given financial support for spay/neuter programmes and provided mobile veterinary clinics to the Protection of Animal Welfare Society – Mauritius (PAWS).  After a decade of urging the Government to adopt humane spay/neuter programmes and to halt the indiscriminate and cruel dog catching and killing activities, these organisations were left with no choice but to end all financial support for dog population management in Mauritius. 

Offers have been made to financially assist the Government in establishing mass low cost spay/neuter programmes but in return, only platitudes and false promises were received, while the cruel catch and kill policy continues.  A recent article in one of the UK’s national newspapers, confirms this method continues and has led to the promotion of a ‘tourist boycott” of Mauritius by a number of animal welfare organisations. Catching and killing, wherever it has been done does not work. There is now conclusive scientific data which shows that a sustained, long-term sterilisation programme does reduce population size.

The Government of Mauritius’s actions and those of the MSPCA in relation to the treatment of dogs brings international condemnation.  Your actions bring shame on the Republic of Mauritius and places at risk the island as a so-called ‘paradise destination’. 

As you will be aware, international tourists are much more discerning nowadays as to where they spend their leisure time and money on holidays, where they can enjoy not just the sand, sea and sun but also importantly, where they feel comfortable and at ease.  If an island like Mauritius were to earn an international reputation for animal cruelty, inevitably tourist numbers will drop dramatically. 

On behalf of our members globally we respectfully call for an immediate end to the cruel and indiscriminate dog catching and killing methods and we urge the Government to work with PAWS to establish a humane control programme consisting of - subsidised mass sterilisation of dogs and cats; a sustainably managed trap/neuter/release initiative; and a national animal welfare education programme”.  ENDS

For Further Information, Contact:

Alan Knight OBE, International Animal Rescue,
Telephone:  0044 (0)1825 767688
Mobile:       0044 (0) 7831 371 599

Note:  The Members of the International Animal Welfare and Protection Coalition
(IAWPC) and who signed the Letter, are:

●   Animal Guardians - USA
●   Animal People -USA
●   Animals Asia Foundation - China
●   ACRES - Singapore
●   Asian Animal Protection Association
●   Blue Cross India - India
●   Brigitte Bardot Foundation - France
●   Humane Society International - Worldwide
●   International Animal Rescue -Worldwide
●   International Fund for Animal Welfare - Worldwide
●   Kenyan SPCA - Kenya
●   Marchig Animal Welfare Trust - Worldwide
●   National Council for SPCAs – South Africa
●   Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - UK
●   Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Hong Kong
●   World Society for the Protection of Animals - Worldwide
●   Worldwide Veterinary Service



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