■  Some of the recipients of 'The Jeanne Marchig Animal Welfare Award' ■ 

Carol McBeth, Greece

In recognition of outstanding practical work over thirty- years in the field of animal welfare and protection in Greece.  In that time, she has tirelessly provided much needed assistance to local animal welfare groups.  Through education programmes in schools, she has promoted the importance of individuals understanding, respecting and caring for their animals.  In order to humanely control the overpopulation of strays as a result of unwanted breeding, Carol McBeth has organised and participated in numerous cat and dog outreach sterilisation and care programmes on both the mainland and islands of Greece.  One example of success noted by the Trustees was on the island of Hydra where prior to the start of her outreach programmes, the island was renowned for its population of sick and blind cats/kittens. Just a few years later, Hydra has become a ‘cat friendly island’ with a controlled population of healthy, neutered and happy cats.  This work, together with her ability to work with and support international organisations seeking to help the animals of Greece, have resulted in more members of the public accepting that pet ownership comes with responsibilities, which includes all aspects of animal well-being.  In addition, through achieving a reduction in the unwanted dog and cat population, Carol McBeth has  made and continues to make, a huge difference in the fight to help, protect and alleviate the suffering of animals in Greece.


Geeta Seshamani and Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-Founders of Wildlife SOS, India

For their outstanding and tireless practical work over many years in the field of animal welfare and protection. Both were inspired in 1995, to start a movement to make lasting change to protect and conserve India’s natural heritage, forests and wildlife.  One of Wildlife SOS’s early major campaigns, was to tackle the 400-year old tradition of cruelly training and forcing ‘sloth bears’ to ‘dance’.   Wildlife SOS took the controversial decision to offer the owners that in exchange for their bears, they would provide them with training in alternative livelihoods as well as helping to send their children to school.  In December 2009, the last of the ‘dancing bears’ in India had been rescued and rehabilitated in Wildlife SOS Rescue Centre’s. Another major campaign, has been in support of the Asian elephants in India, which is critical to the survival of the entire species in South East Asia. A large numbers of elephant calves are caught by unscrupulous poachers and sold to become captive elephants, where they are often kept in wretched conditions. Through their ‘Captive Elephant Welfare Programme’, individual elephants on the streets which are injured, wounded or dehydrated are provided with free veterinary care and support.  In 2009, Wildlife SOS began its “Elephant Haven Project” which made it possible to rescue, house and rehabilitate, severely abused captive elephants in the organisations purpose built sanctuary, as well as encouraging the Government, to make a change in the law banning the trade in captive elephants.  Geeta and Kartick’s hard work and tireless dedication over the years, has made Wildlife SOS the successful and respected organisation that it is today. 


Mary Hutton, Founder of Free the Bears, Australia  

In recognition of her outstanding and tireless practical work over 22 years in the international field of animal welfare and protection.  Through her voluntary direction, Free the Bears has grown into one of the world’s most effective international bear rescue organisations, carrying out bear rescue and rehabilitation, as well as innovative environmental education and pioneering programmes aimed at protecting bears in the wild.  Some 900 bears have been rescued and received life-time care.  In addition, Mary Hutton was instrumental in helping to end the 400-year old tradition in India of cruelly training and forcing ‘sloth bears’ to ‘dance’ – the so-called ‘dancing bears’.   Through providing much needed support to the animals within its area of work in Asia, Free the Bears has and continues to make a huge difference in the fight to help, protect and alleviate the suffering of animals.  Mary Hutton’s journey with Free the Bears is an inspirational one, built from the start and throughout on compassion, hard work, sheer determination, tireless dedication and a genuine desire to bring about change for suffering bears around the world.  The Trustees believe that her journey will inspire others harbouring similar desires to effect change.

Sara Turetta, Founder and President of Save the Dogs and other Animals, Italy and Romania

For her outstanding and tireless practical work over many years in the field of animal welfare and protection and in particular, her organizations work with the street dogs of Romania where the challenges are extremely difficult.  Since their work began in Romania in 2002, her organization has sterilized free of charge, tens-of-thousands of stray cats and dogs; provided medical care to the animals of poor and disadvantaged families; operated a mobile veterinary clinic to provide help to those in outlying villages and an ‘outreach programme’ to care for working equines; established a modern and fully equipped dog shelter at Cernavoda (probably the best in the whole of Romania); and through ongoing education programmes, is promoting the importance of ‘responsible pet ownership’ within schools.  Under her direction, Save the Dogs and other Animals has become one of the most effective animal welfare and protection organisations in Romania.  Through providing much needed support to the animals in the areas where they work, Sara and her organisation like previous recipients of the Award, are making a huge difference in the fight to help, protect and alleviate the suffering of animals.


Luke Gamble, Founder of the Worldwide Veterinary Service, UK

In recognition of his outstanding and tireless practical work over many years in the international field of animal welfare and protection, including sending many hundreds of volunteer ‘veterinary teams’ to almost every continent of the world and when required, ‘Emergency Response Teams’ to help the needy ‘front line’ animal welfare and protection organisations alleviate the cruelty and suffering inflicted on animals in their areas; providing each year to these and other needy organisations, considerable amounts of free veterinary medicines, equipment and materials; establishing an International Training Centre in India, which provides a platform for both vets in India and worldwide to learn best practice techniques in areas such as humane stray animal population control and vaccination programmes; and spearheading in 2013, a new initiative in India entitled ‘Mission Rabies’ which aims to undertake mass anti-rabies vaccination programmes in ten ‘hotspots’ whilst at the same time, running surgical training courses for local vets.  Under Luke Gamble's voluntary guidance, WVS has become one of the most effective international animal welfare and protection organisations, which is making a huge difference in the fight to help, protect and alleviate the suffering of animals.



Gill and John Dalley of the Soi Dog Foundation, Thailand

In recognition of their outstanding services to animal welfare over many years including, seeking to bring an end to the appalling suffering endured by street dogs and cats; running major sterilisation programmes; establishing a modern animal hospital which has treated many thousands of injured and abused animals;  running education programmes focusing on local schools with the intention of changing the attitude of the next generation towards animals in general and particularly Thai dogs and cats; tackling the cruel dog smuggling trade where the animals end up in the brutal meat markets of neighbouring countries; and rescuing and providing food and vital veterinary care, to hundreds of animals caught up in the 2011 floods in and around Bangkok.


The Mayhew Animal Home

In recognition of their outstanding commitment to national community animal care services, rescue and rehoming, as well as neutering and animal population control initiatives internationally.


2007- Dr Chinny Krishna of the Blue Cross
of India with his wife Nanditha

In recognition of Dr Krishna’s outstanding
practical work over many years
in the field of animal welfare


2007 - Jeanne Marchig Special Programmes Award

Acknowledging Animals Australia's outstanding practical campaigning
work in relation to the despicable live animal exports trade.

◄  Glenys Oogjes (Executive Director) and Lyn White
     (Communications Director) of Animals Australia,
     the organisation that received the 'Jeanne Marchig
     Special Programmes Award 2007


2006 - Chris Mercer – Campaign Against Canned Hunting, South Africa

In recognition of his tireless work over many years to protect wildlife
from abuse and suffering, including his determined efforts to bring to
an end the evil practice for pleasure, of ‘canned hunting’.



2005 - Tsunami Memorial Animal Welfare Trust
In recognition of outstanding practical work in averting the mass-killing of
dogs in tsunami affected areas through offering an alternative
solution to population management and rabies control, thus bringing relief
to tens of thousands of dogs as well as providing humane education
through its daily activities



2004 - Animals Asia Foundation
In recognition of outstanding practical work in seeking
to end bear bile farming in China



Animals' Angels, Germany

In recognition of outstanding practical work in
monitoring and helping live animals being transported
across Europe destined for slaughter


2002 - Robert Smith, Turkey and Romania

Founder, Society for the Protection of Stray Animals
(Turkey), and the Foundation for the Protection
of Community Dogs (Romania), for outstanding
practical work in the field of animal welfare
Perihan Agnelli, Turkey

Founder, Friends of Animals Association -
for outstanding practical work
in the field of animal welfare

Maneka Gandhi, India
For her work in improving the conditions for stray animals
in India, and for her activities in environmental issues
Christine Townend, Australia/India

For spearheading the “Animal Liberation”
movement in Australia and establishing a number of much
needed animal care and rescue shelters in India.

Senator Roland Gillet, Belgium
As a principal author of the Animal Protection laws in
his country (1975-1986)
Mrs Janine Vogler, France
As Founder of the "Jeunes Amis
des Animaux" of Francea

The Rt Hon Lord Houghton of Sowerby CH, UK
In recognition of his unfailing support of
the animal welfare cause throughout his
long parlimentary career
Mrs Jean Sainsbury, UK
As Founder of the Jean Sainsbury Trust, which provides
funding to various groups and charities working in the
fields of animal protection and wildlife conservation

Shirley McGreal,
President, IPPL, USA

In recognition of her relentless fight to protect
primates throughout the world
Dr Michael Balls, Chairman, FRAME, UK

In recognition of FRAME's contribution towards
specific replacement of laboratory animals
in experiments by alternative methods

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