Grants Programme

These are made to organisations for positive contributions that meet the objectives of the Trust. Since the Trust was founded it has supported a wide variety of projects including spay/neuter programmes, the search for alternatives to the use of animals in research, anti-poaching programmes, establishing veterinary hospitals, clinics and training programmes, a network of animal sanctuaries, as well as and in particular, assisting smaller groups committed to the cause of animal welfare. Special projects at a variety of sanctuaries and refuges have also been funded.

There are no restrictions on the geographical area of the work (with the exception of the USA and Canada).
All applications meeting the following criteria will be considered by the Trust:

  • Those encouraging initiatives designed to improve animal welfare.
  • Those promoting alternative methods to animal experimentation and their practical implementation.
  • Those promoting and encouraging practical work in alleviating suffering and preventing cruelty to animals.
  • Those groups who are registered charities or non-government organisations.
  • Visit this page for more information : General Grant Conditions Document

Personal data is information that identifies you and your organisation or can be used for such purposes. The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust is committed to protecting your personal information and being transparent about the purposes for which it will be used. This ‘Policy’ sets out these purposes and how we will keep it private and secure. When you submit a Grant Application, detailed proposals and supporting documents, these will only be used by the Trustees to make their decision on whether or not to award a grant. Part of this decision making process, enables the Trustees to seek a reference from the Referees that you have named within the signed Grant Application and agreed can be contacted by the Trust during the decision making process. If necessary and unless you state otherwise, other known and trusted ‘referees’ may be contacted in strict confidence by the Trust for an independent assessment of you or your organisations work. If a grant is awarded, your account details will be shared with our Bank for the payment to be made and likewise, but only if it applies, under the Common Reporting Standards with HM Revenue & Customs.Your personal data will not be used in any other way. We will hold your personal data for 5-years, after which it will be automatically deleted. Alternatively, you can request the deletion of your personal data at any time.